Take Control of your fiberoptic physical network.

Teliswitch product family brings state-of-the-art, automated, fiberoptic connectivity management to optical networks.

Why Teliswitch

Full Control

Centrally Managed and Remotely Operated Full, accurate and up to date fiber connectivity data

Full Automation

No more error prone manual connections

Adhering to standards

All standard fibers and connectors are supported

Max Quality of service

All standard fibers and connectors are supported

Maximum UpTime

Fast automated service recovery No periodic maintenance required Robust and Reliable architecture

Minimum OPEX

No more error prone manual connections


One solution for all
your needs


Over 10 years of research,
implementation and success.

Meet our AODF

TeliSwitch Solutions offers Automated Optical Distribution Frame (AODF) enabling management of the optical layer infrastructure. The AODF is designed for indoor and outdoor deployments, suited for a wide spectrum of Telecommunication Networks and Data Center applications.

Meet Our Elements Management System (EMS)

At the heart of Teliswitch solution you will find our advanced EMS that orchestrates the operation of all the AODF units in the network Equipped with advanced Element Management System (EMS), TeliSwitch turns the fiber-optic physical layer, into a real-time, remotely managed network infrastructure. .